Why Am I Season 4 on Citytv

Hey everyone, the Season 4 trailer for the popular children’s show Why Am I is out now! It’s so much fun being the voice of Otis the otter. We’ve gone on lots of animal adventures and there’s many more to come so make sure to watch Season 4 starting next week on Citytv and catch […]


Why Am I?

I’ve been acting and doing voice overs for twenty years. For the most part, the voice overs consist of thirty or fifteen second ads for clients that may include an acting role, but often it’s an announcer read designed to convey information or sell a product or service. Never, have I ever been asked to […]

Ryder Storm: The Green Cafe Book 2

I’m very excited to announce that the second book in The Green Cafe Series is available for pre-order on Amazon! The first book, The Green Cafe: A Universe is Waiting is also available for purchase or through Kindle Unlimited. Ryder Storm is out March 5th, so you have a month to get caught up. A […]

The Green Cafe: A Universe is Waiting

I wrote a book. It’s available worldwide on Amazon. 18-year-old Brandon Fanning works at his parents’ coffee shop, The Green Cafe. Kaitlin Miller, a shy photographer, has never acted on her feelings for Brandon and now that they’re about to graduate from high school, time is running out. They are destined to live regular lives, […]

Corner Gas Enters It’s Final Season

When production on the sixth season of CTV’s Corner Gas begins in a few weeks, it will be the last. The show will officially end it’s run in Spring 2009. Show star and creator Brent Butt made the announcement today. Coverage here. I was on the set (in the background) on the very first day of […]