Books – The Green Cafe Series

The Green Cafe Series

The Green Cafe: A Universe is Waiting

18-year-old Brandon Fanning works at his parents’ coffee shop, The Green Cafe.

Kaitlin Miller, a shy photographer, has never acted on her feelings for Brandon and now that they’re about to graduate from high school, time is running out.

They are destined to live regular lives, in a normal town with ordinary people.

The universe has other ideas.

A routine visit to the storage room in the basement of the cafe will change their lives forever.

Brandon discovers a portal to another planet. A wormhole through space that sends him light years away. In an act of bravery and love, Kaitlin jumps in after him.

What they find is a planet very similar to Earth, only several hundred years more advanced.

What Brandon discovers there, about himself, his new friends, and Kaitlin will alter his life forever.

A budding romance, in the shadow of relentless change.

Will temptation, power, drugs and technology bring them closer together, or tear them apart?

What he chooses will determine his destiny.

The Green Cafe Series continues with Book 2, Ryder Storm.

A wormhole in a coffee shop took them to another planet. A powerful family. Temptation. Revenge. Will it bring them together or tear them apart?

Brandon and Kaya escape Grayson’s attack through a wormhole back to Earth. On Crestfield, Kaitlin, Lucan, Hailey and Madison must leave Paxton behind, so they venture into a dangerous forest.

Hidden in the shadows, a plot emerges that could destroy Kaya’s entire family. Brandon and Kaitlin are caught up in events they cannot control, on a planet that may consume them. Family betrayal, painful loss, and unrelenting forces are determined to keep them apart.

Sex will distract, power will tempt, revenge will guide.

Will it save them? Or destroy them all?

Immediately following the events of The Green Cafe: A Universe is Waiting, Ryder Storm continues the adventure of Brandon and Kaitlin, two teenagers caught up in a world that both fascinates and terrifies.