Corner Gas Enters It’s Final Season

When production on the sixth season of CTV’s Corner Gas begins in a few weeks, it will be the last. The show will officially end it’s run in Spring 2009. Show star and creator Brent Butt made the announcement today. Coverage here.

I was on the set (in the background) on the very first day of filming back in 2003. No one knew what sort of success the show would have, but I remember talking with Josh (the cook) and telling him I think we’re a part of something big. Turns out I was right.

Brent wants to leave with the show on top. That’s graceful and classy. Thanks for all the laughs. And to all the friends in the cast and crew that I’ve met over the years, thank you. May this final year of production be full of fun and great memories.

Cheers Dog River!


2 thoughts on “Corner Gas Enters It’s Final Season

  1. Will really miss this show. One of the best! Hope to see reruns for a few years. Thank you for the laughts!
    Great cast also!!

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