Ryder Storm: The Green Cafe Book 2

I’m very excited to announce that the second book in The Green Cafe Series is available for pre-order on Amazon! The first book, The Green Cafe: A Universe is Waiting is also available for purchase or through Kindle Unlimited. Ryder Storm is out March 5th, so you have a month to get caught up.

A wormhole in a coffee shop took them to another planet. A powerful family. Temptation. Revenge. Will it bring them together or tear them apart?

The Green Cafe Series continues with Book 2, Ryder Storm.

Brandon and Kaya escape Grayson’s attack through a wormhole back to Earth. On Crestfield, Kaitlin, Lucan, Hailey and Madison must leave Paxton behind, so they venture into a dangerous forest.

Hidden in the shadows, a plot emerges that could destroy Kaya’s entire family. Brandon and Kaitlin are caught up in events they cannot control, on a planet that may consume them. Family betrayal, painful loss, and unrelenting forces are determined to keep them apart.

Sex will distract, power will tempt, revenge will guide.

Will it save them? Or destroy them all?

Immediately following the events of The Green Cafe: A Universe is Waiting, Ryder Storm continues the adventure of Brandon and Kaitlin, two teenagers caught up in a world that both fascinates and terrifies them.