Cell phone and Speeding in a School Zone

I haven’t updated this site in two years. Well, I’m back. And judging from my last post, BlackBerry is even more dead than two years ago. Onward.

People really need to stop texting and talking on their cell phones while driving. Hands free is probably okay in most cases, but I wouldn’t make a habit of it.

Today I was passed by a lovely young lady driving a very high end black SUV of some kind. She was doing about 70 km/hr in a school zone when she passed me and cut me off. I leaned on the horn for a good five seconds. I drove behind her for a few moments before I moved into a left turn lane and pulled up beside her. I rolled down the window and screamed at her to “get off your fucking phone!” after noticing she was holding a cell phone up to her face with her left hand while steering with her right. I can’t imagine the fine she’d have to pay for cell phone use in a car while speeding in a school zone. She looked at me like I was the crazy person. She keeps that up and she’ll be dead. Hopefully she doesn’t take somebody else with her.

Don’t text or hold a cell phone while driving. It’s worse than being drunk.