Mac vs PC

I’m a Mac.

Apple posted revenue of $8.16 billion and a net quarterly profit of $1.21 billion. These results compare to net quarterly profit of $1.05 billion in the year-ago quarter.

Thats an increase of $0.16 Billion. The best March quarter revenue and earnings in history.

I’m a PC.

Microsoft Corp. announced revenue of $13.65 billion for the third quarter ended March 31, 2009, a 6% decline from the same period of the prior year. Operating income, net income and diluted earnings per share for the quarter were $4.44 billion, $2.98 billion and $0.33 per share, which represented an increase of 3% and declines of 32% and 30%, respectively, when compared with the prior year period.

That’s revenue decline of 6% and a decrease in net income of 32%.

Don’t worry PC, Windows 7 is just around the corner.