Now That It’s Over

I’m sleeping much better now that Barack Obama has been elected the next president. We don’t have to worry about Sarah Palin “keeping an eye on Putin” in case he “rears his head” over there in Russia, which you can see from Alaska by the way.

It’s satisfying to note that the election unfolded the way I said it would right here on this blog.

Interesting NYT article on Obama having to give up his BlackBerry and email.

We now have to focus on feeling better about the economy and our security, economic and physical. Both are one and the same, I suppose.

Winter is closing in here on the Canadian Prairies, the bit of snow we’ve got so far has melted, but it’s getting really dark. It doesn’t get light until 8am now and it’s dark by 6pm. This will get worse until the Winter Solstice and the days start getting longer. I’m not a fan of winter. I hate the lack of light, have less energy and if it gets really cold for too long, very depressing. I posted about it this past February.

I should move to California, but living there has it’s own problems.

Now that the election is over, time to get back to Christmas shopping and with any luck a short, warm winter.


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  1. Thanks for your thoughts =D I agree with you whole heartedly. So glad that our neighbors now have a president to believe in. Funny I came by your site by looking for vargas photos and was plesantly surprised as I am also freezing in Saskatchewan… Prince Albert. Enjoying the jrock as well.

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