Random Bits

I’m not doing as much blogging lately. Too busy for long posts, I guess. I’m finding I spend more time on Google Reader where you can see my shared stories and Twitter.

Three things for today.


Apple updated it’s Macbook and MacBookPro’s today. They are works of art, if you ask me. I won’t be getting one, because I do all of my computing at home and have no need for a laptop. I’m encouraged by the new 24 inch LED cinema display. Since I’m waiting for a new LED iMac with the new i7 Core Intel chips, this is a good sign. If they have an LED cinema display, the LED iMac’s can’t be far off. I’m hoping we’ll see that by Macworld in January. That way I can give my old iMac (the first Intel iMac, Core Duo from 2006) to my dad. Right now I have him on Ubuntu running on an old P.C. It’s runs pretty good, better than Windows did, but it’s not a Mac that’s for sure.

Canadian Election

We’ve had 3 elections in 4 years. That’s too many. Especially considering it’s mostly the same people running. We need fixed election dates, something Steven Harper promised, but then he broke his promise and called an election. I’m for whoever doesn’t call an election in another year. I’m sick of all Canadian leaders. Near my house, someone has all the Canadian party signs strewn all over their lawn, with an Obama sign stuck in the middle. That sums it up. We all wish we could just vote for Obama. Speaking of that…

U.S. Election

As I said back on July 27th, Obama will win. Also, everything I said about Sarah Palin on August 31st has come to pass, only she’s been even WORSE than I predicted.

I’m not bragging, my conclusions were something any normal, thinking human being would come to. The only thing I missed was that instead of a weather hurricane, the economic hurricane was the big event that undid the Republican Party.

McCain is dangerous. He’s so angry. See video below.

If he’s president he is going to bankrupt America and start World War III with Iran, Russia and North Korea. He doesn’t believe in talking to other nations. I wouldn’t trust him with the button.

He’s a warrior. America needs a thinker. Someone who doesn’t think the Earth started 5-thousand years ago (funny since they just found rocks in Quebec that are 4.28 billion years old). I don’t want a Vice-President who believes in a talking snake (see Religulous).

That’s all for now.