Moving On From Cable Television

Several months ago I made the decision to cancel my cable and go internet only. Honestly, I haven’t missed it. The center of my viewing content is now my PS3 (because of Blu-ray, gaming and it’s HD) and my iMac. I’m considering getting an Apple T.V., but the content that’s in the Canadian iTunes store isn’t nearly as vast and appealing as the U.S. store. I’m also interested in seeing what Sony puts up in it’s online store.

My buddy Ross and I discuss this and more in my latest jRock episode available here.

Doc Searls makes a great point about how cable companies are actually wasting a lot of potential bandwidth to bring us all these LIVE channels when in fact we watch very few of them. I would much prefer to have a faster internet connection, especially MORE upstream, than more television channels. Also, in order to get the channels you do want, you must subscribe to dozens of channels you don’t want. Again, a waste of bandwidth and money.


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  1. hey, came across your site while reading about the drobo vs time capsule and saw this. I have been without cable for almost 2 years and I have not missed it once!
    The longer you go without cable the more you will realize how bad cable programming really is.

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