Blu-ray Wins

blu-ray-logo-400.jpg It’s the end of the HD format war. On Monday, Toshiba is expected to announce that they are dropping their support of HD DVD. Reuters has the story here.

This is a very good development. Nobody benefits from a format war. I had decided that Blu-ray was the way to go with the purchase of my PS3 last August. Since then I have purchased a few Blu-ray titles including Casino Royale, Blood Diamond and The Harry Potter Collection, among others.

I’ve always thought Blu-ray was the better format given the larger capacity. Some people say nobody cares about buying movies in HD, but I beg to differ. Once you’ve seen a full 1080p movie on a great television, you can’t go back to regular DVD. You even start noticing how badly compressed your 720p HD signal is from your satellite or cable provider. Cable HD is poor compared with a 1080p Blu-ray disc.

I can’t wait to finally watch Transformers and The Bourne Ultimatum on Blu-ray!