Sleepwalking Debuts At Sundance

The city where I live, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada is very far from Hollywood. But it’s amazing what’s been going on…

Jason Bryant, Nick Stahl

For two months in November and December 2006 I was a stand-in and photo-double for Nick Stahl on the film “Sleepwalking” (it was called Ferris Wheel at the time). We battled though some crazy weather, but it was one of my favorite films to work on. It makes it’s debut at Sundance tonight. A local (Regina, Saskatchewan) article is here.

Charlize Theron was gracious and respectful. Nick was super cool, and always made sure to say hi. Dennis Hopper always hung out at lunch and took a lot of pictures of the Saskatchewan sunsets. Woody Harrelson even smiled at my lame joke about having a “safety meeting” at circus (for those who don’t know, circus is where all the trailers are parked off set).

Jason Bryant Photo-DoubleMy job was to stand-in for Nick during lighting set-ups. I also helped block the scenes with Charlize and Bill whenever Nick was still in make-up/wardrobe. I also did a lot of driving with that beat-up old car, which will be used for the long shots.

I can’t tell you how much I learned watching these incredible actors at work. I’ve taken many acting classes, but there’s nothing quite like being there with the best of the best.

Check out the trailer.

Another film, Downloading Nancy, also shot here in Regina, Saskatchewan debuted this week as well. I was Jason Patric’s stand-in. It was cool to meet a vampire from “The Lost Boys”, one of my favorite films growing up.

Good luck with the premieres!

It’s funny how much can happen in the middle of nowhere.



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