Squirrel Causes Another Regina Power Outage

An amusing story about another power outage in Regina, Saskatchewan. First let me explain that the power goes off here more than any other place I’ve lived. The power bumps and surges several times a week. So much so that I have invested in several APC battery backup systems just to save my electronics from an early death. Very often the reason the power goes out has to do, not with big storms as one would expect, but with small animals like birds and rodents. This is baffling to me. How can the power grid be so fragile that a squirrel can knock out part of a city?

From The Regina Leader-Post

A squirrel on a power line was the cause of a power outage in Regina on Wednesday morning.

According to SaskPower spokesman Larry Christie, the disruption began just before 10 a.m. and ended about a half-hour later.

Approximately 500 customers were affected in the Cathedral, Lakeview and Normandy Heights areas. The Regina International Airport also was affected by the outage, but the power disruption didn’t cause any delays in flight arrivals or departures.

In the past, other rodents like gophers, mice and various birds have been the cause of power disruption. I don’t work at SaskPower so I’m far from an expert, but how can this happen? I grew up in Saskatoon and the power there never went out, except for giant storms. It also never surged like it does in Regina. When I lived in Vancouver, the power never went out.

My question, why is the power grid so bad here? It’s unbelievable. I know a woman who manages a well known retail business and can’t believe how often the power goes out in Regina. She lived in Winnipeg for many years before moving here and can’t remember the last time the power went out there.

Maybe it’s just me, but the power grid in Regina seems very unreliable. Why? Does anybody know? Is it just me?

UPDATE…More squirrel problems to report. Another squirrel outage.

Who knew?…

According to SaskPower, one in 10 power interruptions can be linked to wildlife, including unlucky squirrels and birds.