Windy Vacation, Kevin Rocks!

Hi everybody. So it’s way too windy outside to be in a boat. I’ve been visiting with an old friend who flew in from Toronto and his father, who just retired. My buddies brother came up from Manhattan and his sister came in from Chicago. It’s been a good visit so far, although I had champagne, which I always swear I will never drink again and sure enough I’ve had a headache all day today. That stuff is death. I would have been fine with red wine and the beer, but the champagne really knocked my hangover out of the park. I don’t really drink anymore so I am really a cheap drunk. I only had four drinks and I felt like crap all day. You really notice how much alcohol affects you when stop. It’s like not having McDonalds for years and they going out for a Big Mac. You pretty much die on the spot.

Before I left for my weekend vacation I posted another show for Podshow. jRock with Jason Bryant episode #4 is now up. I found some more great music from the podsafe music network for you to check out.

I noticed the battle between Jason Calacanis and Kevin Rose of Digg is raging on. Man I wish we could all get along. First off, way to go Kevin for getting his picture on the cover of Business Week. And second, there is enough for everybody. There are enough eyeballs for Digg to stay dominant and for Jason’s Netscape to bring new people in. As for paying diggers, those that want to stay with Digg will, and those that don’t will move on. It’s that simple. If Jason’s site can bring more people into the space, great. I hate this idea that if one guy is successful, it takes away from someone else. Can’t you both be successful? Jason and Kevin are both dynamic thought leaders and deserve their place in the new media space. Kudos to both of them for shaking up traditional media in their own way. Bravo!