My First Blogger Post

Hi everybody. So this is my first post on Blogger. I have a blog on my web site newhumanbeing but I can’t do comments and that sort of thing. So I thought I would try this out. I am really excited about all of this self-publishing that is going on right now. I do a couple of podcasts, one available through iTunes called New Human Podcast. It’s all talk and I’ve been doing it for about a year now. The other one is called jRock with Jason Bryant and is available from Podshow. In that one I do music and movie news and play some great podsafe music. You can also check out my profile.

First a little about myself. I have a background in radio broadcasting which I have did for many years and now I am a freelance artist. I still do some terrestrial radio but I mostly do voice overs and act in the film and television. If you want to know more go to my site.

My friend also has a blog.

Well enough about me. Did you see that demo Microsoft’s Voice Recognition screwing up? Very funny. I can’t wait for Vista to come out. What a fun time that’s going to be. I am a recent switcher to Apple and I couldn’t be happier. I love OSX. To me the big difference between Apple and Microsoft is that Apple actually lives up to the hype. Not that they are perfect by any means, but their computers pretty much perform the way they did at the Steve Jobs keynote. Microsoft, however, makes all these promises about all this great lifestyle stuff you can do with Windows , but the actual user experience is much different. Driver issues, blue screens, crashes, rebooting, and that’s just the OS operating normally. Throw in viruses and spyware and things get even worse.

On the subject of movies, my first summer of not going to a single movie continues. I spoke about this on my podcast, I have not gone to the movie theater once this year. And it isn’t because of piracy. There are movies I want to see but I just don’t want to see them in the theater. And not for reasons you may think.

#1-Rude Idiots-
Is it me, or have people in general gotten much ruder? Talking through the movie, cell phones, sitting right in front of you when there are lots of empty seats and on and on.

#2-Bad Picture and Sound-
At this years Oscars, the Academy president made some speech about how there is nothing quite like seeing a movie on the big screen. Well I don’t know what theaters he’s going to (see reason #1) but the experience is quite bad. I found out recently that my local Cineplex which is only three years old actually has projectors that aren’t up to spec. given the size of the screen. Which means the picture is actually washed out and blurry in many of their theaters. In other words they wanted to save money and got a cheap projector that isn’t supposed to be used on a screen that size! What a joke. The sound is equally bad. Very lound and distorted. I’m sure they are driving more sound than the speakers are designed to take. I have a much better picture with my high-definition television and surround sound.

#3-Price and convenience-
I recently bought previously viewed copies of “War of the Worlds”, “Elizabethtown”, and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” for $24.00 from Rogers Video. A great deal and I get to watch them over and over again. By comparison, a movie is $10-$12 plus popcorn and drinks and a baby sitter. Add in the price of gas and it is a very expensive proposition.

Don’t get me wrong, I would go to more movies if the experience was better. But unless theaters invest in digital projection and hire staff to actually police the theater and take action against disruptive patrons who treat the public theatre like their living room, I will be staying home. And just so there is NO confusion, I’m not staying home because of piracy, I’m staying home because the value of the theater experience is not worth the cost.